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Hello Donegal

I am one week in Donegal and wow it flew in. If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen my introduction to the North West of Ireland. Below is New Years Eve in Marble Hill.

Im having an odd reaction though. I'm scared to leave the house on my own in my car. It's a fear I had when I moved to Australia. I was nervous to get the bus incase I had the wrong change, got off at the wrong stop or I don't know what.... it's a weird nervousness I have being in unfamiliar places. I've driven to the shops once on my own and they drive so fast up here I can't handle it. You'd swear I was in a different country and not my own homeland. At the moment Tom is back in Dublin getting the rest of our bits & bobs so it's me and Coco. I will venture out tomorrow and find my bearings. I got this!!

My 2020 goals are (it's Jan 4th as I type this)

Host my first Donegal retreat - meeting/discussion complete. Action needed.

Teach Yin Yoga locally 2 - 3 times a week - one location found. Action needed.

Work less, play more.. I work everyday remotely on my laptop for a yoga studio. I need to set boundaries around this work. I find I'm dipping in and out of it when I shouldn't be. I should be focusing on my own personal growth and opportunities. Clear boundaries need to be set. Release expectations.

Start a vegetable garden. We have investigated this and during Jan & Feb it's a time to get the soil prepared so that is what we will do. From March onwards we plant. If that's incorrect please tell me :)

Live more sustainably. In the works. We are lucky our local supervalu has a huge eco range, unfortunately I can't see a local refill store or package free store. Might have to top up in Dublin when I'm back. A work in progress.

Daily Yoga, Movement & Mediation. Successful so far. It's important living in Donegal with the weather being quite dull at times to have a cardiovascular hobbie like running or higher intensity exercise to keep energy up, reducing the risk of depression.

Buy a bath. Self care is a huge thing for me so installing a bath in our new home is a big priority of mine. I LOVE BATHS.

Be more creative. I would like to find creative hobbies in my spare time. Gardening, jigsaws, painting, pottery, cooking, baking and whatever else I can find. BUT I have to be careful. We moved for a quieter life and I need to remember (and so do you) that it's okay to do nothing. It's okay to be bored and stare in to space. Do not fill every minute with a 'doing'.

Make friends. and make an effort. Where we live in Donegal is remote enough. I would like to make local friends. I have a tendency to be a hermit and not want to socialise. Being so remote this can be a bad thing so find balance between social activities and quiet time. There is also a local meditation class I would like to attend weekly. Hopefully a nice Sangha :)

Plenty more but I think that's enough for now. I will continue to update the website and build. I will send newsletters when I have news about any upcoming events so make sure to leave your email address in the pop up box when you sign in (or email me and I'll add you myself).

My next workshop is on February 9th, in YogaHub, Dublin. For those who have been regulars at my workshops for over a year, the price has gone up by €5 to €30 for 2 hours. This is to help me with expenses travelling from Donegal to Dublin to teach. I'm sure you understand.

YogaHub Castleknock 1pm - Book Here

YogaHub Phibsboro 6pm - Book Here

I will leave you with that ramble for now. My next offering here in writing will be a look back at my week long meditation retreat I attended in December with my teachers Josh Summers & Terry Cockburn.

It was life changing, really needed and oh so good for my head & heart.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Elisa x

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