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The Circle of Yin

30 day experience


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The Circle of Yin is my baby seedling that came to me during a meditation sitting. I am in a time in my life where I want to share & offer space for others via my biggest interest, Yoga.

So here I am sharing my first offering to you as a dive into the practice.


Read on for more...

The Circle of Yin is an inclusive group of humans who wish to dive deeper into the theory of Yin Yoga. Not just Yin Yoga but Yin within life to aid with physical, mental & emotional health. If we look after ourselves we can then show up as more compassion people towards those around us. 

This 30 day experience is a commitment to yourself. Although we will discuss the theory behind Yin Yoga, we will also be working on our own inner landscape on a daily basis.

Course content

4 weeks | 4 themes

Week 1:
Anatomy of Yin Yoga. Bones, fascia, functional alignment & how to make a Yin practice work for your own body.


Week 2:
A look into Traditional Chinese Medicine, the meridians and the energetic pathways within our body. It's really cool stuff. The 5 elements. How in tune with nature we really are & how to get back to that. 


Week 3:
Meditation. What is meditation & what is the point? Science behind mindfulness & how we can bring it into everything we do. Building up your awareness of how delicious it is to be still. This will grow from Day 1 of the course and by week 3 you will be ready to embark on a deeper level.


Week 4:
Sequencing a Yin practice.This can differ day to day. It could be a sit down hour practice or a quick 5 minute pose to help with a certain emotion.

During our last week we will put together all we have learned and wrap it in a bow of daily action.





2 workshops a week via Zoom

Tuesdays - 6pm - 8pm
Theory & Practice

Saturdays 10am - 12pm

*These will be recorded and sent out afterwards if you can't make it live.

Detailed workbook

Emailed every Tuesday morning, this will be your guide for the week. Theory, practices & tasks to incorporate.

Private Facebook Group

For community connection and daily chats. Daily prompts will be added in here every morning for you to bring into your day based on the theme of the week.
A place of connection with each other in a private space for more discussions. 
You will have lifetime access to this group going forward and any further content added to it. You can leave at any time.

Access to my weekly Bedtime Yin Class

A weekly invitation to my Wednesday night Yin class for the month of July. It takes place 8pm - 9pm.

Certificate upon completion

This course is not certified. But like when we were in school, it is always lovely to receive recognition of taking time to learn. Just a small token to remember your time within the circle.

And there may be some surprises along the way ;)

Starts: Coming again soon
Price: €99

Early Bird €79

Unemployed: Email me directly for a discounted price. Don't be shy.

I'm really looking forward to beginning this deep dive with you.

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