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90 minute Yin Yoga Workshop

Accepting Change

Springtime Yin Yoga

Our last practice together before Baby C arrives earth side 

Sunday February 7th
7pm - 8.30pm



Early bird - €10 if you book today

Booking options:
Paypal (
Revolut (message me)

If you are unemployed or in financial difficulty, please don't be shy and let me know.

Recording available


Practice details:

Hello Springtime.

It's known in China that the people observed the different cycles of nature so they could too adapt & change to live in more harmony with their surroundings. They would watch animals, plants & how the earth adapted. Do you take much notice of this?

It's hard to choose what season is my favourite. I do love the change of colours in the Autumn. The cosy nights in the Winter. The long days of summer. But there is something about Spring that feels like a fresh start.

Sowing seeds, making changes, getting through January is always a celebration ;)

This 90 minute practice we will work on accepting this change of seasons and also any changes you may be experiencing personally. It's not always easy. Expectations of ourselves to constantly improve and emerge a new. Maybe feeling like you're still in hibernation mode?

In TCM springtime is related to the element of wood. We will work with the Liver & Gallbladder energies. Working to release any frustrations we may be feeling to this change and not only in the seasons but in our lives too.

Think HIPS 

I can only speak for Ireland but the back & forth of restrictions definitely has a lot of us walking a tight line with frustration and anger.

Along with the physical side of the practice we will be fine tuning our awareness on the journey.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all again on the mat one last time before I emerge as Mother in a couple of weeks
(6 weeks to go)

Big changes coming 

Lots of love,

Elisa x

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